Quality policy

The strategic purpose of LLC «Fortiva Med» is to achieve stable positions in the pharmaceutical market on the basis of quality, safety and efficiency of products that meet the requirements of consumers and regulators, taking into account the economic interests of the company.

The management of the company unites the efforts of all employees to achieve this purpose by:

  • creation of an effective pharmaceutical quality system (FGC), which allows to guarantee the quality of produced medicines;
  • constant monitoring, verification and evaluation of FGC for compliance with established requirements;
  • increase the technical level of production;
  • maintaining the validation status of production;
  • awareness of each employee’s responsibility for the work performed;
  • systematic training and professional development of personnel at all levels;
  • creation of favorable conditions for professional growth of the company’s personnel, provision of the necessary resources for the development of the internal potential of employees;
  • delegation to heads of departments of necessary and sufficient authority within the limits of responsibility;
  • studying the experience of leading domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies;
  • introduction into production of new, more effective medicines on the basis of constant analysis of market needs;
  • establishing requirements for suppliers, monitoring and evaluation of their compliance;
  • rational use of available technical, economic and organizational resources.

The management of the enterprise builds its activity in the field of quality on the basis of interaction and the principle of teamwork in the interests of the whole enterprise and assumes the obligation to follow this Policy and provide the necessary conditions for its implementation by all personnel.