LLC «Fortiva Med» is a high-tech pharmaceutical company which is engaged in the development, registration production and sale of medicines from various pharmacotherapeutic groups.

The priority direction of development of the product portfolio of LLC Fortiva Med is the development of production and the market launch of pulmonological drugs in the form of aerosols, solutions and capsules with powder for inhalation.

Manufacture of aerosol inhalers by LLC Fortiva Med is the first production of this dosage form in Belarus.

In addition to pulmonary medicines, OOO Fortiva Med has mastered the production of medicines used in oncology, endocrinology, cardiology, immunology.

The production site of the company is equipped with a system for creating and maintaining a microclimate of clean rooms. Environmental friendliness, cleanness and safety of production processes are provided by modern ventilation and air conditioning systems manufactured by NordVent Swiss Tech SA (Switzerland). The design of the production equipment provides convenience and the possibility of its cleaning, all parts of the process equipment in contact with the product are made of corrosion-resistant inert materials that do not react with the product.

To achieve high quality products, LLC «Fortiva Med» uses advanced technologies and the latest quality control methods. All technological processes are carried out in strict accordance with the international requirements of GMP to the cleanliness classes of premises for the production of medicines. The company has installed equipment of leading companies in the world market: Diosna (Germany), Ebseos (Germany), IMA (Italy), IMA-PG (India), SP SCIENTIFIC (USA), Flexicon (Denmark), Pamasol (Switzerland , POL-EKO-APARATURA (Poland), Artlife-techno (Russia)

For the interoperational control of the production process, a testing laboratory was designed, equipped with all necessary analytical and testing equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Proper storage of finished products provides a modern warehouse complex with appropriate ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The company has developed and is implementing long-term plans to expand the range of both medicines and medical products.

To continuously maintain GMP standards, the company implements a continuous training program for personnel. The human resource is the main value of each business. The team is formed both from the employees who were at the source of the creation of the company, and from young specialists for whom the company developed a system of mentoring, internships and training.